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2016/07/25 Mon

Title Changes

1962 Fred Blassie defeats Rikidozan on cuts in Los Angeles to win WWA World Heavyweight Title.

1970 Masked Killer & Masked Lee defeat Aiko Kyo & Yoshiko Miyamoto in Sayama to win AGWA International Tag Team Title.

1979 Rusher Kimura defeats Alexis Smirnoff in Mishima to win IWA World Heavyweight Title.

1997 Steve Williams & Gary Albright defeat Kenta Kobashi & Johnny Ace in Tokyo to win World Tag Team Title (All Japan).


1989 Lioness Asuka retires.

1995 Kazuo Yamazaki appears on a Heisei Ishingun card after leaving UWF International.

2003 AtoZ has the debut card at Kawasaki City Gym.

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