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2018/02/20 Tue


1943 Kanji (Antonio) Inoki [Yokohama]

Title Changes

1964 Toyonobori & Michiaki Yoshimura defeat Prince Curtis Iaukea & Don Manoukian in Nagoya to win All Asia Tag Team Title, which has been vacant since the death of Rikidozan.

1971 Masked Killer & Masked Lee defeat Aiko Kyo & Jumbo Miyamoto in Chichibu to win AGWA International Tag Team Title.

1996 Toshiaki Kawada & Akira Taue defeat Stan Hansen & Gary Albright in Morioka to win World Tag Team Title (All Japan).

2000 Vader & Steve Williams defeat Kenta Kobashi & Jun Akiyama in Kobe to win World Tag Team Title (All Japan).

2005 Triple Crown Heavyweight champion Satoshi Kojima defeats Hiroyoshi Tenzan in Tokyo to win IWGP Heavyweight Title.


1999 Less than a month after his teacher's death, Tsuruta announces that his retirement ceremony is to be held on 03/06/99 at the Budokan. After his wrestling career, Tsuruta becomes a professor at the University of Portland.

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