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2017/02/23 Thu

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1979 Animal Hamaguchi & Mighty Inoue defeat Yamaha Brothers (Kotetsu Yamamoto & Kantaro Hoshino) in Chiba to win IWA World Tag Team Title.

1980 Dick Murdoch defeats Jumbo Tsuruta in Kagoshima to win NWA United National Heavyweight Title.

1983 Ashura Hara & Mighty Inoue defeat Great Kojika & Motoshi Okuma in Takaishi to win the vacant All Asia Tag Team Title.

1984 Jumbo Tsuruta pins Nick Bockwinkel in Tokyo to be the first Japanese to win the AWA World Heavyweight Title. Also on the same card, Gen'ichiro Tenryu defeats Rick Steamboat to win the vacant NWA United National Heavyweight Title.

2003 Shin'ya Hashimoto defeats Great Muta (Keiji Mutoh) in Tokyo to win Triple Crown Heavyweight Title.


1987 Riki Choshu leaves All Japan. Ishin Gundan break up, and Killer Khan goes to the WWF for his last run as a pro-wrestler. Choshu, Kuniaki Kobayashi. Hiro Saito, Hiroshi Hase, Super Strong Machine, and Norio Honaga appear during the main evnet Inoki vs. Mas

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