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2016/12/07 Wed

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1971 Dory Funk Jr. & Terry Funk defeat Giant Baba & Antonio Inoki in Sapporo to win NWA International Tag Team Title. This ends up being Inoki's last match in JWA.

1990 Terry Gordy & Steve Williams win the annual Real World Tag Team Championship League in Tokyo and to win the vacant World Tag Team Title (All Japan).

1997 TAKA Michinoku defeats Brian Christopher in a tournament final Springfield, MA to win the vacant WWF World Light Heavyweight Title.


1963 Rikidozan has a 6-man tag macth, teaming with Great Togo and Michiaki Yoshimura against the team of The Destroyer, Killer Buddy Austin, and Ilio DiPaolo at Hamamatsu City Gym. This match turns out to be his last match.

1994 Youji Anjoh of UWF International goes to Los Angeles to challenge Rickson Gracie, the strongest in the famous Gracie Juujutsu. Gracie destroys Anjoh in 3minutes.

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