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Credits are given to:

Mark Long for lots of pictures of wrestlers

Nao Makita for scanning many pictures of wrestlers

Hesham Z. Sheikh for some of wrestlers' pictures and for helping me to scan pictures

Ebony Ladies Professional Wrestling Pages for pictures of female wrestlers

Dave Millican, Butch Fletcher and Mitch Hartsey for a lot of championship belt pictures.

"Flag of The World" Web Site for the image files of the flags

Hiroaki Kiuchi at Takushoku University for pictures of some of New Japan wrestlers

Rosalio Vera, an official photographer of EMLL/CMLL, for pictures of Emilio Charles Jr., Mano Negra, Dr. Wagner Jr., Negro Casas, Dandy, Rayo de Jalisco Jr., and El Hijo del Santo

LetItBe for the pictures of Iceman King Parsons, Pedro Morales, Buzz Sawyer, Jimmy Snuka, Wendy Richter, and Baroe Michele Leone

Dory Funk Jr. for pictures of Dory Funk Sr., Eddie Gilbert, Adrian Adonis, Kerry, and Mike Von Erich.

John Petrie for the pictures of Vader & Bigelow, Jeff Jarret, Curt Henning, David Finley, Chris Benoit, The Giant, LOD, and Ricky Steamboat

Missouri Wrestling Heritage for pictures of the Funk Brothers, Gene Kiniski, Jack Brisco, Ted DiBiase, and Dick the Bruiser, and also for letting me have links to many other pictures

Sumito Kasai for the pictures of Japanese female wrestlers

Ring Warriors for pictures of Rikidozan, Bert Assirati, and Hiro Matsuda

Dr. Mike Lano for pictures of Ricky Steamboat, Masa Saito & Kinji Shibuya, and The Texas Outlaws and for letting me have links to the pictures

Chan Kah Sing for the images of W.W.F. championship belts

Hiroshi Hashiguchi for a picture of Hayabusa

Kouji Tanaka for a picture of Great Sasuke

Extreme Championship Wrestling ON-LINE for the ECW logo

Keisuke Ishii for the picture of Bull Nakano

MUGA - Tatsumi Fujinami Official Home Page for picture of Tully Blanchard

Tatsuya Okuda for a picture of Antonio Inoki

Liew Choon Kiong's Ivan Koloff Home Page for a picture of Edouard Carpentier

Paul Barton for a picture of David Von Erich

Sam Carlson for a picture of Marv Westenberg

N.W.A. Official Web Site for a picture of Naoya Ogawa, Dan Severn, and Mike Rapada.

Thank you all!

Credits for pictures and images are given to these sites/people.

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