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    2010/04/10-11 Japanese wrestlers in Illinois this weekend

    Several Japanese wrestlers, including Ayako Hamada and Ayumi Kurihara, will particiapate in the SHIMMER cards on 2010/04/10-11 in Berwyn, IL.

    For more detail, visit SHIMMER Women Athletes website.


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    The following results are the results of the matches that featured Japanese joshi wrestlers...

    April 10, 2010

    DVD taping for SHIMMER Volume 29
    Misaki Ohatai defeated Daizee Haze
    Ayumi Kurihara defeated Tomoka Nakagawa

    DVD taping for SHIMMER Volume 30
    Ayumi Kurihara defeated Nikki Roxx
    Tomoka Nakagawa & Daizee Haze defeated Misaki Ohata & Jamilia Craft
    Sara Del Rey defeated Hiroyo Matsumoto

    April 11, 2010

    DVD taping for SHIMMER Volume 31
    Mercedes Martinez defeated Tomoka Nakagawa
    Hiroyo Matsumoto defeated LuFisto
    Cheerleader Melissa defeated Misaki Ohata
    Ayako Hamada defeated Daizee Haze
    Ayumi Kurihara defeated Sara Del Rey

    DVD taping for SHIMMER Volume 32
    Tomoka Nakagawa defeated Jessie McKay
    Sara Del Rey defeated Misaki Ohata
    Daizee Haze defeated Ayumi Kurihara (by countout)
    Mercedes Martinez defeated Hiroyo Matsumoto
    Cheerleader Melissa defeated Ayako Hamada

    I was live at the SHIMMER tapings in Berwyn, Illinois. I had a great time. I even had the opportunity to talk to Kurihara and Matsumoto very briefly. The Japanese wrestlers were very successful. They received great crowd reactions and they had really good matches. Especially the Melissa vs. Hamada match was really great. Hamada is of course an international superstar and she had already appeared at SHIMMER tapings before. The other Japanese girls (Kurihara, Matsumoto, Nakagawa, and Ohata) made their SHIMMER debuts at these tapings and most people didn't know too much about them before these tapings, but they became crowd favorites very quickly (except for Nakagawa, who received a lot of heel heat because she played heel very well). They all connected very well with the fans in attendance and they received a lot of respect. There was even a short promo by Kurihara where she said that she wants to challenge for the SHIMMER Championship. I know that SHIMMER is very happy with the new Japanese girls and hopes to have them appear again at the next tapings. I hope they will indeed return for the next tapings, because it will probably create the opportunity for a lot of interesting matches.

    Within several months, SHIMMER will start releasing these DVDs one by one (SHIMMER Volume 29 will probably be released within a couple of months from now). I am looking forward to see the matches on DVD.
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    2010/04/10 11 Japanese wrestlers in Illinois this weekend

    ok heres one for you guys.
    which njpw or ajpw or any japanese wrestlers out there would you like to see in the WWE?
    Mine would be Takahashi or Kenta

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