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    Daichi Hashimoto, potential to be the future of the sport of potential to fail?

    (My 1st real discussion topic on here, so don't mind if it's bland)
    Daichi Hashimoto is as you all know legendary Puroresu star Shinya Hashimoto's son. He recently made his debut in March. After a year and a half of training (under the tutelage of Otani, Chono and Mutoh) and only having about 3-4 matches under his belt he's already become the top star in ZERO-ONE. He has impressed me in all of his matches so far, none of which he has won yet though (he is quickly 0-3 but in his defense he's only wrestled Legends and Vader and his son). He definitely reminds me a lot of his father, he showed a lot of heart in his matches like Shinya and his kicks are just as brutal, but he still has a long way to go before he's as good as dad, he's got a lot to learn still and really needs to work on his build, he seems way too small for wrestling especially even for a Junior Heavyweight.

    His match was against Chono (March 6th) and honestly even though he didn't show off a huge moveset like that of a Misawa or a Akiyama, the moves he did perform he performed flawlessly and even took a page out of dear ol' dad's playbook and did an awesome spinning wheel kick (which is quickly becoming his signature move). The match itself actually was excellent and had a lot of great storytelling, and selling. Though Chono carried most of the match, you could tell young Daichi didn't need to be babied and knew what he was doing quite well. In all honesty the match was very emotional and actually is that good that it's become one of my candidates for match of the year. I think the future is definitely bright for Daichi but in a way I think he has a potential to fail like many of the other sons of legendary wrestlers. What do you guys think?

    EDIT: Actually I believe he's up to about 5 or 6 matches now, and he actually won his first match about a week ago (the 16th), it was Otani and Hashimoto vs Masato Tanaka and Kaminuma, Otani pinned Kakinuma after a dragon suplex hold. I believe he's now 1-5 or 1-6 at the time of this being posted.

    Here's some great clips and full matches, I definitely recommend watching Chono vs Daichi, the buildup, the match and the postmatch are all excellent and very emotional. Probably one of the best matches I've seen from ZERO-ONE in years and that's saying a lot considering Daichi's very 1st match. He came out to "Bakusho Sengen" in tribute to Shinya which I find very epic. Chono goes for the STF...he hesitates before putting on the facelock as if to say, am I really going to do this, am I really gonna torture my old friend's kid? And when he actually does put on, he's STILL hesitating and hesitating and finally he cranks it and the kid taps within the second. The entire match reminded me a stubborn horse going out to slaughter. When Chono throws him in the STS, he showed him mercy. Like "kid, if you tap here, no shame." But Daichi wouldn't give. So the STF was the last resort. Beautiful.

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    I believe he has the potential to be the future of the sport. It's normal for somebody to lose his first matches, which is part of "paying your dues" (hell, Kobashi lost his first 63 matches). I say it's going to take time. It's something you can't rush into.

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