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    '84 IWGP Final: Inoki vs Hogan (with the riot by the audience)

    Someone on Facebook asked me for the detailed of the incident, so I decided to post it here too:

    Inoki couldn't lose and knew audience wouldn't be happy without his victory after what happened in the previous year. The fans' tension was already high because of that.

    Hogan wasn't allowed to do a clean job because he was already the WWF champ.

    Inoki wanted to involve Choshu to push the future feud between them. Of course, Choshu didn't wanna do that, but he had to obey his company.

    After two DCORs, the match was again restarted. Somehow (I don't remember how), the referee was knocked out and both Inoki and Hogan fell off outside the ring(again). This time, Choshu interferred. He first gave Inoki a lariat. Then, he went to Hogan, but Hogan counter axe-bomberd, they ended up hitting each other, and both went down. The seconds pushed Inoki back to the ring, and of course, that was when the ref got up and started counting for Inoki's COR win.

    Of course, it urned out to be a terrible idea. The fans wanted to see a clean win by Inoki, not a controversial ending. New Japan was banned from the venue thereafter. I don't remember NJPW having another card at the old Kuramae Kokugikan (they held a card about a year later at the new Ryogoku Kokugikan).

    The fans loved it when Choshu finally got a pinfall victory over Inoki few months later, but the status of the IWGP was declined because of the way they booked that year's final.

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    It's amazing how something like a run-in can totally ruin not only a match, but almost the whole company. Makes you wonder how WCW stayed afloat so long with the constant NWO run-in finishes.

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