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    The current situation of Puroresu ?


    I didn't watch puroresu in years (2011-2012), and i'm currently trying to go back watching it.

    First, if we make rakings of the ratio of power between companies, what it would looks like ? From what I see, NJPW is with no doubt the strongest company in Japan. Then, maybe NOAH since Shiozaki and Kanemaru are back ? After, between Dragon Gate and All Japan I can't say. For indies, it seems like Big Japan soared up, so it would be this federation in #5, but then DDT ? Zero-1 ? The "new" WRESTLE-1 ? Michinoku Pro ? And others I forgot ?

    Then, who are the "new sensations", the KENTA, Ibushi, Nakajima, Sekimoto, Fujita Hayato or Marufuji from 10 years ago ? I admit I have no idea of this, I don't really know who are the young lions to follow even if some young wrestlers made me good impression like Shigehiro Irie.

    I also would like to know the heritage of defunct companies, and more precisely BattlArts. During years Futen kept helding shows, but since october 2014 they only hold 1 show... is shoot style dead ? In the same perspective, what's about the Osaka Pro's heritage ? First, what they're situation ? I thought they close down, but they still hold shows, even if a lot of wrestlers went away (Harada/Kotoge to NOAH, Zeus/Bodyguard to AJPW, Tigers Mask to BJW, Black Buffalo or Kanjyouro Matsuyama to small indies etc... then what about the "dotonbori" federation ? There is a partnership between them ? And Ryukyu Dragon Pro Wrestling is in the same "galaxy" ?

    Speaking of Osaka Pro, what's the situation of arenas is Osaka ? I used to know the Miami Move on Arena/Delfin Arena Dotonbori which was Osaka Pro home, is it still exists, or it has a new name ? Then there was the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium where big companies like DG or NJPW came when they held shows in Osaka. Yet, on Cagematch, Osaka Pro hold most of their shows in the "Osaka Municipal Port Ward Community Center" (even if there is also "Osaka Municipal Joto Kumin Hall", "Osaka Yahiro Hall" or "Municipal Hirano Ward Community Center") and Dotonbori also held show in multiples arenas "Oyodo Community Center", " Osaka Azalea Taisho Hall", " EDION Arena Osaka #2"), can someone lighten all these arenas, if it's sometimes the same with multiples or not, if Osaka Pro or Dotonbori have a "home" etc... ? I know it's very specifit, it's more curiosity than real interests here.

    Finally, can someone tell me more about new indy federations Pro Wrestling Heat up, Asuka Project and Cho Sento Puroresu FMW ?

    Thanks you very much ! Andf you had any information on the situation of puroresu in 2016, what/who to follow, important news from last years etc... i'll take it !
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