This day in Puroresu History

2017/04/18 Tue


1993 Masahiko Kimura (75) - the greatest judoka ever and puroresu pioneer

2002 Wahoo McDaniel (63) [diabetes]

Title Changes

1973 Killer Karl Krupp & Fritz Von Erich defeat Kintaro Ohki & Umanosuke Ueda in Yaizu to win NWA International Tag Team Title.

1973 Mad Dog Vachon & Ivan Koloff defeat Great Kusatsu & Strong Kobayashi in Ibaragi to win IWA World Tag Team Title.

1981 IWA World Tag Team Title is declared vacant when Hamaguchi is unable to wrestle because of liver problems.

1989 NWA International Heavyweight champion Jumbo Tsuruta defeats PWF and United National heavyweight champion Stan Hansen, to become the first Unified Triple Crown Heavyweight champion.

1991 Stan Hansen & Dan Spivey defeat Terry Gordy & Steve Williams in Tokyo to win World Tag Team Title (All Japan).


2003 Kengo Kimura has retirement match against Osamu Nishimura at Korakuen Hall.

2004 Kayo Noumi has retirement match against Kumiko Maekawa at Korakuen Hall.

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