This day in Puroresu History

2017/04/20 Thu

Title Changes

1968 Thunder Sugiyama & Rusher Kimura defeat Stan Stasiak & Tank Morgan in Nagoya to win the vacant TWWA World Tag Team Title.

1991 Can-Am Express (Dan Kroffat & Doug Furnas) defeat British Bulldogs (Dynamite Kid & Johnny Smith) in Tokyo to win All Asia Tag Team Title.

1996 Shin'ya Hashimoto defeats Nobuhiko Takada in Tokyo to win IWGP Heavyweight Title.

2003 Nanae Takahashi & Etsuko Mita defeat Mima Shimoda & Takako Inoue in Tokyo to win WWWA World Tag Team Title.


1973 JWA folds after its history of 20 years. NWA United National Heavyweight Title and All Asia Tag Team Title are vacant.

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