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Today in Puroresu History

2015/10/09 Fri

Title Changes

1981 Bruiser Brody defeats Dory Funk Jr. in Tokyo to win NWA International Heavyweight Title.

1994 Kyoko Inoue & Takako Inoue defeat Manami Toyota & Toshiyo Yamada in Kawasaki to become the 99th WWWA World Tag Team Champions.

2004 Kensuke Sasaki defeats Kazuyuki Fujita in Tokyo to win IWGP Heavyweight Title.


1995 New Japan vs. UWF International at Tokyo Dome, promoted by New Japan with a record-breaking crowd of 67,000. In main event, Keiji Mutoh defends IWGP heavyweight title against Nobuhiko Takada.

2000 All Japan's top star Toshiaki Kawada defeats New Japan's IWGP Heavyweight champion Kensuke Sasaki at Tokyo Dome in a non-title match. Sasaki vacates the title immediately after the match. On the opening card, Shin'ya Hashimoto comes out of retirement and defeats Tatsumi Fujinami.

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