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Today in Puroresu History

2014/08/02 Sat

Title Changes

1970 Dory Funk Jr. wrestles Antonio Inoki to a 60min time limit draw in the NWA World Heavyweight Title Match.

1996 The J-CROWN tournament starts for unification of eight titles in lighter weight divisions. In the first round matches, IWGP champion The Great Sasuke defeats NWA World Junior Heavyweight champion Masayoshi Motegi, and International champion Ultimo Dragon defeats British Commonwealth champion Jushin Thunder Liger.


1984 Antonio Inoki pins Choshu at Kuramae Kokugikan(old Sumo Hall). This was the last puroresu card the at Kuramae Kokugikan that has the history of 30 years. Kuramae Kokugikan is replaced by newly built Ryogoku Kokugikan(today's Sumo Hall).

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