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International Competitions of the Summer: 1962/07/20 - 09/07

The date & location in bold letters indicate the card has full results (incomplete results otherwise).

Guest foreigners:
Skull Murphy
Gorilla McConney
Ricky Waldo

1962/07/20 Tokyo - Riki Sports Palace
Mr. Chin def Masao Matsuoka
Kiyotaka Otsubo def Hiroshi Ueda
Tosanohana def Hideyuki Nagasawa
Isao Yoshiwara def Youssef Turko
Kanji Inoki (6:34 half crab) Mitsuaki Hirai
Kokichi Endo (DCOR) Mammoth Suzuki
Skull Murphy & Ricky Waldo def Toyonobori & Michiaki Yoshimura

1962/07/27 Tokyo - Riki Sports Palace
Isao Yoshiwara def Hideo Koma
Kiyotaka Otsubo def Tatsuo Hoshino
Masakatsu Tanaka drew Mr. Chin
Koichi Hayashi drew Masao Matsuoka
Mammoth Suzuki def Tosanohana
Hideyuki Nagasawa def Mitsuaki Hirai
Kokichi Endo (14:23 arm bar) Kanji Inoki
Michiaki Yoshimura (DQ) Ricky Waldo
Skull Murphy def Toyonobori

1962/08/10 Tokyo - Riki Sports Palace
Youssef Turko def Tatsuo Hoshino
Masao Matsuoka def Kazuo Homma
Kiyotaka Otsubo def Masakatsu Tanaka
Kanji Inoki (11:05 pin) Hideyuki Nagasawa
Isao Yoshiwara drew Mitsuaki Hirai
Kintaro Ohki def Tosanohana
Ricky Waldo drew Michiaki Yoshimura
Kokichi Endo & Toyonobori (DQ) Gorilla Marconi & Skull Murphy

1962/08/17 Tokyo - Riki Sports Palace
Koichi Hayashi def Motoyuki Kitazawa
Kiyotaka Otsubo def Hiroshi Ueda
Mr. Chin def Tatsuo Hoshino
Mitsuaki Hirai drew Youssef Turko
Isao Yoshiwara def Hideo Koma
Kintaro Ohki def Hideyuki Nagasawa
Kokichi Endo (2-1) Kanji Inoki
   1: Endo (11:08 pin)
   2: (1:44 DCOR)
Rikidōzan & Toyonobori & Michiaki Yoshimura drew Gorilla Marconi & Skull Murphy & Ricky Waldo

1962/08/24 Tokyo - Riki Sports Palace
Kiyotaka Otsubo def Masao Matsuoka
Mr. Chin def Hideo Koma
Kintaro Ohki def Mitsuaki Hirai
Tosanohana def Youssef Turko
Hideyuki Nagasawa def Isao Yoshiwara
Michiaki Yoshimura (17:59 pin) Kanji Inoki
Toyonobori def Mammoth Suzuki
Rikidōzan & Kokichi Endo (DCOR) Gorilla Marconi & Skull Murphy

1962/08/31 Tokyo - Riki Sports Palace
Motoyuki Kitazawa drew Tatsuo Hoshino
Katsurakaham drew Kazuo Homma
Masakatsu Tanaka drew Motoshi Okuma
Hideyuki Nagasawa def Masao Matsuoka
Mr. Chin def Koichi Hayashi
Kanji Inoki (11:20 boston crab) Mitsuaki Hirai
Tosanohana def Isao Yoshiwara
Youssef Turko def Kiyotaka Otsubo
Michiaki Yoshimura def Kintaro Ohki
Kokichi Endo (NC) Mammoth Suzuki
Gorilla Marconi & Skull Murphy (DQ) Rikidōzan & Toyonobori

1962/09/07 Tokyo - Riki Sports Palace
Kanji Inoki (6:17 pin) Yoshiwara
Skull Murphy def Michiaki Yoshimura
Rikidōzan def Gorilla Marconi

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