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International Competitions of the Summer: 1962/07/20 - 09/07

The date & location in bold letters indicate the card has full results (incomplete results otherwise).

Guest foreigners:
Skull Murphy
Gorilla McConney
Ricky Waldo

1962/07/20 Tokyo - Riki Sports Palace
Isao Yoshiwara def Yusef Turko
Kanji Inoki (6:34 half crab) Mitsuaki Hirai
Kokichi Endo drew Mammoth Suzuki
Murphy & Waldo def Toyonobori & Michiaki Yoshimura

1962/07/27 Tokyo - Riki Sports Palace
Kaichi Nagasawa def Mitsuaki Hirai
Mammoth Suzuki def Tosanohana
Kokichi Endo (14:23 arm bar) Inoki
Yoshimura (DQ) Waldo
Murphy def Toyonobori

1962/08/10 Tokyo - Riki Sports Palace
Inoki (11:05 pin) Nagasawa
Kintaro Ohki def Tosanohana
Waldo drew Yoshimura
Endo & Toyonobori def Marconi & Murphy

1962/08/17 Tokyo - Riki Sports Palace
Otsubo def Ueda
Ohki def Nagasawa
Endo (2-1) Inoki
   1: Endo (11:08 pin)
   2: (1:44 DCOR)
Rikidozan & Toyonobori & Michiaki Yoshimura drew Marconi, Murphy, & Waldo

1962/08/24 Tokyo - Riki Sports Palace
Ohki def Hirai
Yoshiwara (17:59 pin) Inoki
Toyonobori def Mammoth Suzuki
Rikidozan & Endo drew Marconi & Murphy

1962/08/31 Tokyo - Riki Sports Palace
Inoki (11:20 boston crab) Hirai
Yoshimura def Ohki
Endo (NC) Suzuki
Marconi & Murphy (DQ) Rikidozan & Toyonobori

1962/09/07 Tokyo - Riki Sports Palace
Inoki (6:17 pin) Yoshiwara
Murphy def Yoshimura
Rikidozan def Marconi

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