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Dynamic Series: 1968/02/23 - 03/23: 12 cards

The date & location in bold letters indicate the card has full results (incomplete results otherwise).

Guest foreigners:
Buddy Austin
Baron Mikel Scicluna
Harley Race
Tennessee Rebel (Mike Paidousis)
Dick Murdoch
Dick the Buiser [02/23 - 02/28]

1968/02/23 Maebashi - Gunma Sports Center
Kantaro Hoshino def Gantetsu Matsuoka
Kintaro Ohki (DCOR) Tennessee Rebel
Baron Scicluna def Mitsu Hirai
Dick Murdoch def Kotetsu Yamamoto
Michiaki Yoshimura (DQ) Harley Race
Giant Baba & Antonio Inoki (DCOR) Buddy Austin & Dick the Bruiser

1968/02/24 Sendai - Miyagi Pref. Sports Center
Gantetsu Matsuoka def Mr. Chin
Atsuhide Koma def Katsuji Adachi
Hirai def Masayuki Masayuki Fujii
Kotetsu Yamamoto def Haruka Eigen
Harley Race def Kantaro Hoshino
Buddy Austin (DQ) Michiaki Yoshimura
Antonio Inoki (1-1) Buddy Scicluna
   1: Scicluna (21:59 pin)
   2: Inoki (8:36 abdominal stretch)
   3: (45min limit draw)
Giant Baba & Kintaro Ohki def Bruiser & Murdoch

1968/02/25 Gifu
Yamamoto def Akihisa Takachiho
Matsuoka def Eigen
Murdoch def Kantaro Hoshino
Rebel def Hirai
Kintaro Ohki def Scicluna
Baba & Inoki & Michiaki Yoshimura (DCOR) Race, Bruiser, & Austin

1968/02/26 Osaka - Pref. Gym
Ohki def Murdoch
Austin def Yamamoto
Scicluna def Gantetsu Matsuoka
Rebel (DQ) Yoshimura
NWA International Tag Team Title: Baba & Inoki* (2-1) Race & Bruiser
   1: Baba (13:14 DQ)
   2: Bruiser (1:56 pin) Baba
   3: Baba (6:10 half crab) Race

1968/02/27 Shizuoka
Eigen def Chin
Matsuoka drew Koma
Ohki (DCOR) Austin
Murdoch def Hirai
Rebel def Kantaro Hoshino
Inoki & Michiaki Yoshimura def Race & Scicluna
Bruiser def Giant Baba

1968/02/28 Tokyo - Metropolitan Gym
Scicluna def Takachiho
Murdoch def Kantaro Hoshino
Inoki (10:07 countout) Rebel
Ohki & Michiaki Yoshimura (DCOR) Austin & Race
NWA International Heavyweight Title: Baba* (2-1) Bruiser
   1: Bruiser (8:20 boston crab)
   2: Baba (3:58 COR)
   3: Baba (2:59 pin)

1968/03/01 Nagoya - Aichi Pref. Gym
Hoshino def Matsuoka
Takachiho def Eigen
Race def Yamamoto
Inoki (7:56 abdominal stretch) Scicluna
Baba def Austin
All Asia Tag Team Title: Kintaro Ohki & Michiaki Yoshimura (2-1) Rebel & Murdoch
   1: Rebel (10:25 pin) ???
   2: Yoshimura (5:24 pin) Rebel
   3: Ohki (4:10 pin) Murdoch

1968/03/08 Tokyo - Korakuen Hall
Yamamoto def Eigen
Fujii (DQ) Hirai
Race def Kantaro Hoshino
Inoki (7:52 COR) Rebel
Ohki def Murdoch
Baba & Michiaki Yoshimura def Austin & Scicluna

1968/03/15 Tokyo
Hoshino def Takachiho
Matsuoka (DQ) Chin
Fujii def Eigen
Scicluna def Yamamoto
Hirai def Rebel
Baba & Ohki & Michiaki Yoshimura def Race, Murdoch, & Austin

1968/03/16 Ashikaga, Tochigi
Yoshimura (DCOR) Race
Baba & Ohki def Murdoch & Scicluna

1968/03/22 Tokyo
Ushinosuke Hayashi def Katsuhisa Shibata
Koma (DQ) Hirai
Scicluna def Kantaro Hoshino
Yoshimura def Murdoch
Yamamoto (DCOR) Rebel
Baba & Ohki def Harley Race & Buddy Austin

1968/03/23 Yokosuka - City Gym
Hirai def Fujii
Takachiho drew Matsuoka
Race (DCOR) Yoshimura
Hoshino def Rebel
Ohki & Yamamoto def Austin & Murdoch
Baba def Scicluna

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