Iron Claw Series: 1973/04/13 - 04/20: 6 cards

* Last tour of JWA.

The date & location in bold letters indicate the card has full results (incomplete results otherwise).

Guest Foreigners:
Fritz Von Erich
Killer Karl Krupp
The Alaskan (Jay York)
Gerry Monti
Crusher Juan Rivas
KIM Sung-Ho
KIM Cho-Lan (sp?)
HONG Hak-Toh (sp?)

1973/04/13 Osaka - Pref. Gym
Masao Ito def Mitsuo Hata
Kazuo Sakurada (DCOR) KIM Sung-ho
Jerry Monti drew Mr. Matsuoka
The Alaskan (DQ) Great Kojika
Killer Karl Krupp & Crusher Rivas def Mitsu Hirai &Akihisa Takachiho
NWA International Heavyweight Title: Kintaro Ohki* (1-1) Fritz Von Erich
   1: Ohki (8:51 pin)
   2: Von Erich (7:04 pin)
   3: draw (5:25 DCOR)

1973/04/16 Toyokawa, Aichi
Masao Ito def HONG Hak-toh
Mitsuo Hata def KIM Sung-ho
Kazuo Sakurada def KIM Chou-ran
Mitsu Hirai def Crusher Rivas
Killer Karl Krupp def Mr. Matsuoka
Umanosuke Ueda (DQ) The Alaskan
Kintaro Ohki & Akihisa Takachiho def Jerry Monti & Fritz Von Erich

1973/04/17 Tokyo - Korakuen Hall
HONG Hak-toh drew KIM Chou-ran
KIM Sung-ho def Masao Ito
Kazuo Sakurada def Mitsuo Hata
Umanosuke Ueda def Crusher Rivas
Kintaro Ohki & Akihisa Takachiho def Fritz Von Erich & The Alaskan
All Asia Tag Team Title: Great Kojika & Mr. Matsuoka* (2-1) Killer Karl Krupp & Jerry Monti
   1: Matsuoka (16:33 pin) Monty
   2: Krupp (4:00 pin) Kojika
   3: Kojika (3:38 pin) Krupp

1973/04/18 Yaizu, Shizuoka - Municipal Gym
HONG Hak-toh def KIM Chou-ran
Mitsuo Hata (DQ) KIM Sung-ho
Kazuo Sakurada def Masao Ito
Great Kojika def Crusher Rivas
The Alaskan (DQ) Mr. Matsuoka
Akihisa Takachiho def Jerry Monti
NWA International Tag Team Title*: Fritz Von Erich & Killer Karl Krupp (2-1) Kintaro Ohki & Umanosuke Ueda
   1: Von Erich (14:05 stomach claw) Ohki
   2: Ohki (5:25 pin) Von Erich
   3: Krupp (7:25 COR) Ohki

1973/04/19 Yokohama - Culture Gym
Masao Ito drew KIM Chou-ran
Mitsuo Hata def HONG Hak-toh
Kazuo Sakurada def KIM Sung-ho
Great Kojika def Jerry Monti
Crusher Rivas (DQ) Umanosuke Ueda
Kintaro Ohki & Mr. Matsuoka def Fritz Von Erich & The Alaskan
NWA United National Heavyweight Title: Akihisa Takachiho* (2-1) Killer Karl Krupp
   1: Krupp (10:17 pin)
   2: Takachiho (0:25 pin)
   3: Takachiho (5:40 pin)

1973/04/20 Yoshii, Gunma - Town Gym (3,000)
   * Last card of JWA
Masao Ito (11:32 half crab) HONG Hak-toh
Mitsuo Hata (12:27 DQ) KIM Sung-ho
Kazuo Sakurada (9:40 pin) KIM Chou-ran
Mr. Matsuoka (14:03 kitchen sink) Jerry Monti
Umanosuke Ueda (12:42 DCOR) Killer Karl Krupp
Akihisa Takachiho (7:00 half crab) The Alaskan
Kintaro Ohki & Great Kojika (2-1) Fritz Von Erich & Crusher Rivas
   1: Von Erich (13:49 pin) Kojika
   2: Ohki (5:54 pin) Rivers
   3: Kojika (6:49 pin) Rivers

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