Bam Bam Bigelow
(1961 - 2007)


Real Name: Scott Charles Bigelow
Birth: 1961/09/01 in Asbury Park, New Jersey
Debut: 1985/08/23 in Memphis, Tennessee (as Crusher Yurkof)
First match in Japan : 1987/01 (New Japan)
Death: 2007/01 in Hudson, Florida (found dead on
2007/01/19 after missing for several days)

   After being trained at Larry Sharpe's "Monster Factory" in New Jersey, Scott Bigelow started wrestling as "Crusher Yurkof" in Memphis with Sharpe as his manager and won the prestigeous AWA Southern Heavyweight Title there. He then moved to Dallas, where he won World Class Television Title. It was during this time when New Japan Pro-Wrestling discovered him. After his Japanese debut in January, 1987, he soon became the top foreign star of the promotion. Though he left briefly for WWF later in the same year, he returned to New Japan in 1988. Soon after winning IWGP Tag Team Title with Big Van Vader in 1992, he again left New Japan for WWF. On April 2nd, 1995, he wrestled against former NFL star Lawrence Taylor at WrestleMania XI in Hartford.

   After leaving WWF in 1995, he continued to wrestle WAR in Japan as well as ECW and WCW and won numerous championships until offically retired in November, 2004.

   On January 19th, 2007, Bigelow, one of the top foreign stars in the history of puroresu, was found dead at his home in Hudson, Florida. He was 45.

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