"Lion Heart"
Chris Jericho
(b. 1970)

Chris Jericho
Real Name: Chris Irvine
Birth: 1970/11/09 in Long Island, New York
Debut: 1990/10/02
First Match in Japan: 1994/02

   After trained by the legendary Hart Family in Calgary, Jericho had his debut in October, 1990. Since then, he had wrestled in Canada, Mexico, and Japan. While wrestling for Gen'ichiro Tenryu's WAR organization in Japan, he started appearing on ECW cards in 1996, which lead him to start wrestling in the U.S. fulltime. In the same year, he debut in WCW where he spent three years, and in 1999, he made a big impact by signing with WWF.
   In December, 2001, he won a one-night four-man tournament to unify WWF and WCW world heavyweight titles.

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