Black Cat
(1954 - 2006)

Real Name: Víctor Manuel Mar
Birth: 1954/10/17 Mexico City
Debut: vs. Bronsen, 1977/04/21 Naucalpan
First match in Japan : 1981/04 (New Japan)
Death: 2006/01/28

    Born to one of the biggest wrestling family whose members include Huroki Sito (father), Sugi Sito, Manuel Robles, Panchito Robles (uncles), La Briosa, Impacto, El Jabato, and Pánico (cousins), Black Cat became a veteran of New Japan Pro-Wrestling since he went to Japan in 81.
    In 1994, he had a brief run in AAA of Mexico where he was a masked heel. He became a full-time referee for New Japan on 2005/01/04.
    He passed away due to heart failure on 2006/01/28.

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